Halton Region Tamil Association (HARTA) is a registered not for profit Organization formed to build a stronger and vibrant Tamil Canadian Community in Halton, while preserving and enriching the Tamil Culture and Heritage in the multicultural Canadian environment.


  • To promote and preserve the heritage value of Tamil’s particularly for the Tamils and their descendant residing in Halton region
  • To promote and preserve the Tamil culture within the Tamil community in Canada 
  • Promote peace and respect human rights around the world Creating more opportunities for the seniors in having better recreational facilities in lined with their needs by having cultural programs, games and tourism
  • To create opportunities for interaction and information sharing in order to reduce isolation and create a sense of community
  • To promote the integration process of Tamils with the mainstream and participating in Canadian events
  • Catering the needs for eliminating the gender discrimination To establish, operate and maintain a cultural center for the south Asian community
  • To cooperate and establish liaison between all three levels of government and South Asia community
  • Explore and exploit the hidden talents of the children and helping them in developing those skills


  • Our organization is exclusively a Non- Profit Organization and not intended in generating profits in form of cash or kinds.
  • The entire operation of this organization is based on serving the community without charging and meeting the expenses from the donation given by the members and it will be channeled only for achieving our goals in Canada.
  • None other members will be paid from the organization and they have committed to give their services free of charge.